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Reasons why you should get a manicure done by a professional

Visit AV Nail Spa, your local organic nail salon in Greenville, NC 27858, for a manicure no matter the season. But there are a few compelling arguments for purchasing one. In today's post, we'll discuss five compelling arguments in favor of booking an appointment for a herbal manicure at our nail salon.

5 Reasons To Get A Manicure - It’s Important To Treat Yourself

You should make it a regular habit to indulge in self-care, or "treating" yourself. Self-care is essential, and there's no better way to show yourself some love than by giving yourself something you really want. Doing something nice for yourself can improve your attitude, help you relax, and serve as a reward for all the effort you've put into this thing we call "life."



AV Regular Manicure $20 +
With Gel $35 +

The manicure provides basic professional care for your hands.

The package includes:

• Nail trimming and shaping

• Cuticle grooming

• Hot towels

• Hand & arm massage

• Polish

AV Signature Manicure $30 +

The treatment helps your skin look younger, minimizes the appearance of prores, and extracts impurities from the skin.

The package includes:

• AV Regular Manicure

• Sugar scrub

• Hydrating mask

Gel Signature Manicure $45 +

This treatment promises long-lasting, shiny nails, and no damage to your natural nails.

The package includes:

• AV Signature Manicure

• Your choice of gel color

You’ll Get A Break From Your Phone

We spend far too much time these days glued to our screens. Our brains are hardwired to want to check our phones whenever we have free time, whether it's to respond to texts, check emails, or fall into the social media scrolling trap. Manicures keep your hands busy for an hour or so, making it difficult to fall into the bad habit of checking your phone every few minutes. To disconnect from your thoughts, instead of staring at a screen, you can connect with a real person by having them massage your hands.

You Can Relax For A Little Bit

If you need to unwind, a manicure is the perfect solution. You won't be able to access your inbox, send or receive texts, or make phone calls... so why not take advantage of it? Relax, close your eyes, take in the ambience of the salon, and let your thoughts settle. Feel the salt on your skin and smell the herbs while you give yourself a herbal manicure to really immerse yourself in the experience.

Nice Nails Can Boost Your Confidence

Get a manicure and you'll leave the salon feeling refreshed and revitalized. Our Naples nail salon is known for its beautiful and hydrating manicures, which are sure to restore your hands' youthful radiance. A long-lasting manicure, such as Shellac or dip powder nails, will give you confidence for weeks, even if no one else notices how great your hands look as you stroll down the street.

Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

Full Set

Liquid Gel Pink & White $60 +
Powder Pink & White $50 +
Ombre $55 +
Gel (Clear) $45 +
Regular Acrylic $35 +
* Gel Add-On Extra $12+
Nail Enhancement Removal $20 +
Nail Enhancement Repair $3 +
Polish Change $15 +
French-Polish Change $15 +
Gel Polish on Hands $25
Gel Polish on Toes $25
Gel Polish French on Hands $27
Gel Polish French on Toes $30


Liquid Gel Pink & White $45 +
Powder Pink & White $40 +
Pink or Pink & White $30 +
Ombre $45 +
Gel (Clear) $30 +
Regular Acrylic $25 +

It Adds Something Fresh To Your Day

It's really simple to become rutted. The daily routine consists of getting up, going to work, coming home, eating, cleaning, sleeping, and repeating the process the next day. Major life exhaustion may result from this! The week needs to be broken up with unique events and fun activities. A manicure is the ideal solution! Our organic nail salon is the perfect place to get away from the office, relax, and meet new people midweek.

Visit AV Nail Spa This Week!

Manicures including authentic herbs and organic ingredients are a specialty of AV Nail Spa, where we take pride in spoiling our clients. Check out the many options in our AV Nail Spa and pick one for your next manicure. Although walk-ins are always welcome, we recommend scheduling an appointment in advance if you are in a hurry. No matter what motivates you to have a manicure, we're ready to give you the best service possible and create nails that you'll like.

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